1. You’re going to have push harder than that, babe.

    • gumption

      oh please, she has nice boobs. Yes they are fake but they go with her ultra slim body. If they were any bigger she would look like trash.

  2. MisterSuccint

    When you rub them together, they make a great sound
    and then will stay separated until the static charge wears off.

  3. Arzach

    I want to do that too… May I?

  4. theboner


  5. They’re like a magic lamp…when she rubs them together, a billionaire grants her three wishes.

  6. MrsWrong

    I guess that swap you did with Chaz isn’t as fulfilling as you hoped!

  7. thelush

    it’s ok, honey, we’ll photoshop your hands out, so all the fat ladies looking at the catalog will see is BOOBIES! now push harder, we said “miraculous” not “day at the office”!

  8. Sheppy


  9. JMS

    “Hmm, they seem to have greater power when they collide.”

  10. just here for laughs

    Oh look, she’s doing her “anti-wonk boob” exercises! “I must, I must, I must not have a canyon!”

  11. And that’s how you make it look like you have actual cleavage.

  12. Jester

    And……………..When I hold them like this you can hear the ocean.

  13. B

    They’re not fake, you idiots. Just look at topless posts of her on this website, and if you’ve ever seen boobs in real life (fake or not), you’ll see that hers are real.

  14. LadyLynna

    “A little higher… yes! Right there! Hold them right there. Beautiful, Candice. Very natural!”

  15. HiveMonster


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