1. That party is hoppin’! Aubrey O’Day with her fake titties, an Asian girl contemplating suicide, a dude watching ESPN, and a busted-ass Jessica Rabbit. All in one room!

  2. PoorMaryKelly

    Now there’s a good movie title ” Sharon Tate’s Ghost Gets a Boob Job”.

  3. MrsWrong

    One wax figure finds a home

  4. Do Freebird

    It’s so important that they picked a member of the transgendered community to emcee this event.

  5. For decades, marine biologists have searched for a way to make manatees visible enough that passing boats will see and avoid them. Now the search begins to find a cure for manatee face.

  6. It’s a shame that “big tits” is a marketable talent on TV these days. Back in the old days chicks had to have a pretty face too.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Not a lot of sharks, not a lot of pride.

  8. It looks like Aubrey is supplying the drinks for this party, as dude behind her is getting a refill..

  9. cdizzy

    is it bad that I just assumed it was Coco when I saw the thumbnail?

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Any day that Aubrey O’Day isn’t the most frightening person in a picture is a good day for her. Like someone said earlier, having big fake tits is her “talent”.

  11. Alison


  12. Where’s a Great White when you need one?

  13. Nothing says gay pride like a nightclub with titties popping out all over the place.

  14. Jesus is just alright

    Is it the new goal to look less human?

  15. Not Rihanna’s best look.

  16. cutthecrap

    is this event for gays or trannies?

  17. Star Droppings

    Her agent made a mistake and booked her at the Summer Massive event, when clearly she should have been hosting a Summer’s Eve event.

  18. CanuckCutie

    I’ll take the Fake tanned skank globes over the busted labia that looks like it’s gone three rounds with mike Tyson any day. This is Practically a Gift from God!

  19. little turtle head

    Damn i wanna squirt my load in her!!!!!!!

  20. Dave Mustaine

    Picture that face without makeup, first thing in the morning.

    Her Gas face looks like it was built on the foundation of cigarettes for breakfast.

  21. mel

    i do like her bod, and i’m very pleased that she seems to have to problem modelling her ass off here and there on the interweb. i don’t have much to say about her face though. maybe it’s her lips that are off?

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