1. Richard McBeef

    Yes, Morgan, that IS where the white wimmens at.

  2. I think Morgan just summed up the facial reaction to the previous pic for all men…

  3. brit

    2 and a half men’s ears

  4. fufu

    ! You lookin’ at my EYE !….You’re Doomed! Doooooomed!

  5. The Pope

    “Well I’ll be damned.”

  6. Tad Bit Tipsy

    “I just smoked three blunts and drank a half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and I still look more straight faced than you sonny….”

  7. MrsWrong


  8. And, don’t you worry about a thing, Mr. Werthan! I’m gonna hold on no matter how she run me. You see, I used to rassle hogs down yonder in Macon, and, let me tell you, ain’t no hog got away from me yet!

  9. Mr. Freeman, you already played Mandela. It’s time to move on.

  10. PoorMaryKelly

    Man I miss Sanford and Son.

  11. TomFrank

    How come that thing he had (is still having?) with his step-granddaughter never really blew up?

  12. ksmack

    and there is always the black man in the back, saying it all with his eyes….

  13. I’m at a loss for words… Morgan Freeman is always the one doing the narrating.

  14. Jester

    Fng Cruel man, I was expecting one last hurrah of Candice and you scare me with this…………heartless bastards………….

  15. Totoro

    What the fuck is Jared Leto so happy about?

    • HortonHearsABoob

      For real.

      I was thinking I was the only one thinking “So….what’s up with Leto douchebearding things up ant Morgan Freeman’s house?”

      Maybe Morgan’s a big 30 Seconds To Mars fan.

  16. barbosa

    nice.. I thought the last picture was going to be candice and then i nearly have a heart attack when morgan freeman’s scary face comes up.

  17. the look when he first found out someone married Tara Reid.

  18. LadyLynna

    I’d pay to see what was behind the photographer he’s obviously staring through. He looks hungry. It’s probably white chicks.

  19. juaquin ingles

    Michele Pfifer just goosed him.

  20. HiveMonster

    Which One Of You Just Grabbed My Ass?

  21. Gerbil in my Butt

    After that picture of Candice you end with this?!?!? Prick!

  22. keijo

    You scared me

  23. dingolo

    I though he died.

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