1. Karen

    “Right here. This is where Snooki lives.”

  2. In before 325 Weston Cage “move” captions.

  3. Well, the Rockettes are officially terrible now.

  4. The Gay Rockettes called, and were happy to receive your application.

  5. Problem?

    I’d like to do that. Right in between his legs.

  6. Richard McBeef

    Careful, there. Don’t want to tear your vagina before the big night.

  7. MrsWrong

    He’s no Channing Tatum!

  8. Audieme

    Jesus Weston, you can sto…oh

  9. Ken Jennings: I’ll take Celtic “Pride” for $1200, Alex.
    Trebek: In 2011, it made Michael Flatley look like Ivan Drago.
    WATSON: What is… Fed/Ex?
    Ken Jennings: I’ll fucking KILL YOU, WATSON!!!
    Trebek: Sorry, the correct answer was “what is… this?”

  10. ozmosis

    Has it been 15 minutes yet?

  11. His attempt at the goosestepping world record was going great until he got his necklace caught in his show laces.

  12. The Situation being sucked in by the gravitational pull from Kim Kardashian’s ass in the previous picture.

  13. It’s almost as if he saw Weston Cage doing this and feared that someone could possibly out-douchebag him, so the Situation had to fire back.

  14. GuidotheRed

    Sitch challenges Darth Cage to a douche-off

  15. chaburchak

    Not enough wrist to fill out a watchband, apparently…

  16. GuyLeDouche

    Somewhere Ethel Merman is belting out “There’s no business like Show Business” then breaking down and weeping uncontrollably.

  17. Squishy

    What a useless twat!

  18. Deryn

    One … singular sensation! … every liitle step she takes ….

  19. Can we please close the curtains on this guy???

  20. bassackward

    14:56 ~ 14:57 ~ 14:58 ~ 14:59 ~ 15:00 TIME!! You’re done….

  21. MOVE: Flatulent Michael Flatley

  22. nuttebutter

    Gym, Tan, Jazz Hands!

  23. Jared


  24. With legs and abs like that, I knew he secretly had to be a tap dancer.

  25. rican

    MOVE: Heil Fister

  26. CanuckCutie

    MOVE: Douche-Tard – Twat Swing

  27. HiveMonster

    You know You Make Me Wanna “SHOUT”!!!!

  28. Shorty80

    The Situ-Weston?

  29. chikaty

    that high kick somehow makes his feet freakishly small?!

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