1. She’s. About. To. Hoooarrkkkk.

  2. PoorMaryKelly

    I wouldn’t have thought of wearing an old , torn up wifebeater with that skirt but whatever I guess.

  3. MrsWrong

    Oh, fun, I LOVE I spy! Lantern, your pee, your earrings, my face after I see your pee in that bottle..

  4. Michael

    Has anyone ever even watched Gossip Girl? No?

  5. If that’s her urine sample, I can save her a trip to the lab. It’s bad..it’s really, really bad.

  6. Does she have a second clit?

  7. Hugh Gentry

    I love her

  8. SSHGuru

    I was going to say Butterface, then I thought she looked like Britney Spears. Then I realized – same thing.

  9. timmy the dying boy

    Oh, look everybody, A Blake Lively pic. What a surprise!

  10. blt

    This looks like a one way ticket to “double-baby-frap-ville”

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