1. I wish more people had this reaction after taking a lip-pursing, mirror-looking, eye-winking Myspace picture.

  2. MisterSuccint

    Objects in mirror may be uglier than you expected.

  3. Mirror mirror in my hand, who’s the fugliest in TV land?

  4. DogBoy

    Twin Fug

  5. Snookie's Pickle

    I thought Anthony Weiner was in sex rehab.

  6. PoorMaryKelly

    Are you still identical if your twin outweighs you by a metric ton?

  7. MrsWrong

    That iPhone4 front camera is a bitch

  8. Audieme

    I make that face myself. It’s the ONLY time my boyfriend won’t have sex with me. LOL

  9. You’ll never see someone as surprised by a job offer again.

  10. Webster was just flipping through some old pictures that he downloaded onto his iPhone when he found some old shots of him with Michael Jackson that he had mentally blocked out, and he suddenly remembered why he got the sex change.

  11. guestspeaker

    this is the after-child face… women be warned

  12. so why is she having anal sex in public?

  13. GuyLeDouche

    After checking out the Superficial Crap We Missed for 8/15, Tia, hurriedly canceled her blind date with “Chazz”

  14. Squishy


  15. Deryn

    Guess Your Weight: There’s an app for that!

  16. cutthecrap

    i made that exact face after seeing this post!

  17. dontlloknow

    Maya Angelou?

  18. HiveMonster

    Why’s Antoine Dodson So Petrified?

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