1. I’m surprised to see him performing. But performing what? What does he even do anymore. That’s a well dressed janitor.

  2. EricLr

    Cleaning Chris Rock’s spooge out of your eye?

  3. Desperate for money, Chris has turned to guessing the weight of imaginary men’s testicles…

  4. The Pope

    Forrest Klump.

  5. Contusion

    Watch this! I can pop my eye out! It’s crazy.

  6. Do any of you understand the jokes that are coming out of my mouth?


  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    You can hear the radio on his fillings. I’ve paid to see worse.

  8. Swearin

    “And I was so tired after that first day of filming, but Jackie was kind enough to let me rest my head against his cock while I cupped his balls.”

  9. Perplexity

    His stage name is the Artist Who Ate Chris Tucker.

  10. Anon

    He looks like he thinking he is at his other job. Rubbing black dick on his face while cupping them balls.

  11. Why so glum Doc Gooden?

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    …When I put my finger up Ratner’s ass, he came on my face and I asked ” So you’ll call me to do RUSH HOUR 4?”

    “We’ll see.” he said

    That’s why I’m waiting tables at the Olive Garden Mother Fucker!

  13. The Brown Streak

    “I’m so turned on right now” – Kim Kardashian

  14. journalschism

    “See I just pull my eyelids back like this and we don’t need no Jackie Chan. Gimme all dat money!”

  15. GuyLeDouche

    Now he knows how Kim Kardashian feels.

  16. Joaquin ingles

    That’s the weirdest looking Theremin I’ve ever seen.

  17. “so white people be like…oh hold on, I got a piece of my Big Mac in my eye.”

  18. “Has anyone seen my contact? No? Okay; how about my career?”

  19. fuckityfuck

    are you sure that isn’t arsenio hall?

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