1. Crissy

    Is there a factory In Europe where old men go buy their girlfriends from?!!!

  2. O'chunt

    A man after my own heart – and someone else’s ass.

  3. Fred

    Towel, sure, let me help you stand to get it.

  4. Batman

    “Yesssss….this will do.”

  5. Contusion

    Their names sound like half of aisle 7 at the grocery store.

  6. ben dover

    i’d buy that for a dollar

  7. Real Italians are so much better than those cunts on “Jersey Shore”

  8. Little Tongue

    Touching such a nice piece of ass without even getting a semi makes him either gay or, most likely, an erectile dysfonction sufferer. My heart bleeds for him.

  9. The Pope

    “Hmmm….No, no gelato for you today.”

  10. CK

    “I want to touch the heinie”

    “Buy me a car first”

  11. Mama Pinkus

    a man and his gold-digging whore – so touching

  12. Boo Yah

    Not pictured: wife and children.

  13. Sheppy

    There is nothing wrong with this picture.
    As you were…

  14. Taibhse

    He’s just checking the expiration date.

  15. Bigalkie

    He might be Tom Cruise or Ryan Seacrest ” Hetro” and this could be a photo op.

  16. He’s just checking the tires on his ride to make sure he doesn’t have to replace it with a newer model.

  17. See, dude, I told you her ass is as soft as my shaved head!

  18. LegMan

    Ah, che bel culo!

  19. tlmck

    She just had his baby a year ago. Are you paying attention Jessica Simpson!

  20. Jill Ess

    I would never have guessed that such a firm-looking ass could be made of silly putty. Fascinating.

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