1. Beth and Howard make a lovely couple

    • flailing

      they make a lovely couple for a couple of brain dead soul selling corpses.

      she is a adolescent in a woman’s horse body

  2. tlmck

    Next photo: half her face is missing.

  3. Crabby Old Guy

    OMG – for a second I thought she was kissing Sean Penn.

  4. Contusion

    Beth Stern upgrades.

  5. Batman

    Opossum: “Hey bitch – how do my rabies taste?”

    Beth: “A bit like my herpes.”

    *Wah wah waaaaaah*

  6. Of course, I’ll kiss you Mr. Possum…How much money do you have?

  7. USDA Prime McBeef

    wouldn’t swerve for either of em

  8. Jake

    Why the long face, Beth?

  9. cc

    I love animals, believe me, but I’d never put my face that close to an opossum’s mouth. Ever seen one of them open their mouths open? They are like alligators.

    • Mike Walker

      Ever see Beth with her mouth open? She got choppers like a Clydesdale

    • mildred

      she’s not too bright

    • EricLr

      Not to mention they are filthy scavengers that will eat about anything. So you DO NOT want to know where their mouths have been.

      Come to think of it, that’s pretty much the same reason I wouldn’t kiss Lindsay Lohan.

  10. Mike

    HOLY FUCK! Since when did we finally decide to post Beth O pictures? I must’ve done something right to see her get noticed so we can finally realize there are worse people than the Kunt Rashes.

  11. Mike Walker

    Is that Nacho exiting the frame?

  12. 6iahca

    Cunty Stern looking tacky and oily as ever. And flat- chested.

  13. Vapid Cunt Hater

    When I see those things crossing the road at night I always aim for them. On the other hand I adore me sum possumms!

  14. Horses for Courses

    She is an extraordinarily stupid woman and Howard is a sucker.

  15. Ruffypup

    Boobs please.

  16. After having sex with Howard, an opposum was the next, logical, progressive step.

  17. Stuttering John

    Who is she? And why is she famous?

  18. isabella

    she’s trying so desperately to be famous. she’ll do anything to get publicity….even if it means kissing a rabid opossum.poor howard is going broke financing her little TV projects that noone watches.

    all failures..america is not clamoring for beth stern.

    so very sad.

  19. Who's your mama

    That animal is about to unhinge its jaws and devour that possum whole. I’ve seen this on the Discovery Channel.

  20. Marble Chaser

    Nice to see that the mourning 40 year ode Beth was able to make it to another photo op (oops – I meant charity event).

    Beth doesn’t look as sweaty in this pic as she did in some others from this event.

  21. Dawgsbreath

    Who is she? Why is she famous?

  22. IHeartAnimoes

    Superficial. That covers her in a nutshell.

  23. GuyLeDouche

    The Fire Island possum is a dapper little fellow, but as they don’t breed with females their numbers are declining rapidly, but oh so stylishly.

  24. Willburrrr!

    Nice beard Howard!

  25. Looks like Beth finally decided to make up with Gilbert Gottfried…

  26. They’re just playing Opossum.

  27. jon

    Beth Stern, the animal advocate who wears leather and goes to polo matches where ponies are forced to run around in 90+ degree heat until they drop dead. She’s almost as big a hypocrite as her husband.

  28. mbcl

    Beth loves big nosed creatures.

  29. Jill Ess

    “That ain’t no kitten, kid. That’s a jumbo-sized sewer rat!”

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