1. Johnny P!

    No Comment.
    No Comment.

  2. Her ass jumped the shark into sloppy territory

  3. There is something wrong with her.

    I mean other than her personality and family. And her choices in men. And her weird sexual fetishes. Vapidity, etc.

    I mean her body.

    • Johnny P!

      Who knew ‘vapidity’ would be the new ‘clever’?
      She (and her siblings) have built a multi-million dollar empire out of being utterly vapid.
      Or, is it the consume/viewing public that’s vapid…?

  4. Anthony

    Lets get this out of the way…. “moo”

  5. Ana

    I remember when it used to be difficult to get a picture of her rear end. Somebody must have bills to pay…

  6. elephantman

    Lard ass!

  7. Someone explain to me, with all that cellulite, it’s the TOP of her back that sweats????

  8. Batman

    Leave Kim alone, you guys. Some people just like to fill their pants with mashed potatoes.

  9. Bigalkie

    She’s about 5″0″ .. Kanye is a midget.. and of course.. MOOOOO

  10. moo

    Is Kanye into doing the diaper changes or do they just hire someone?

  11. Contusion

    Put this same ass on any woman from Topeka, Kansas and no one is excited about it. It’s just another stock clerk at Walmart. (Apologies to Topeka).

  12. Little Tongue

    Looks like Kanye has a Jabba the hutt on the back of his head O_O

  13. Brit

    Dumbell and Dumberer.

  14. Brit

    All that fame and money, and the best he can do is land a retread sex tape fatty of his dreams.

  15. C’mon man!!
    This is fukd up

  16. The Pope

    By the time they finished their walk, the ground was level.

  17. god particle

    ass and bigger ass

  18. Meg

    And she claims to be a size 0-2. There’s no way.

  19. Hmmmmmmm…looks like they both came on each other’s backs.

  20. Cock Dr


  21. your mom

    Wow, going back and forth between this pic and the next really puts things into perspective. Until it melts your brain.

  22. I challenge anyone to put Kim’s ass next to the penguin from Batman Returns ass and tell them apart.

  23. vgrly

    That thing is not going to age well. It’s so big I think it has to have it’s on main artery. Just like how those huge cancers suvive with a main blood vessel giving it life. Jesus.

  24. cc

    Her ass is unappealing in its own, unique way.

  25. Buddy The Elf

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the only two idiots in Hawaii who would not only wear black, but ALL BLACK.

  26. Lily

    She seems to have forgot the sports bra for her back boobs.

  27. Bionic_Crouton

    Please tell me they are walking off into obscurity.

  28. No, but really? This butt?!

  29. Anon

    Everytime I look at Kim’s ass I feel like eating a Fiber bar and taking a shit. Not to mention his music sucks.

    Oh and Kim’s butt is getting bigger.

  30. hollyhood

    is cowdashian a term? can it be?

  31. Mickey01232000

    Her ass should have a license plate hanging off of it.

  32. Mama Pinkus

    f***, her ass is just plain lumpy and NASTY

  33. Sheppy

    Holy crap! This shot really gives you the full perspecitve of the magnitude of her ass!

  34. How awkward it must be to always have to have your passport on hand whenever you take a walk.

  35. Who's your mama

    This couple is not stereotypical at all.

  36. “Um…I guess I lied” – Sir Mixalot

  37. Axy

    Thats what her mega-ass looks like without a mega-spanx

  38. The Brown Streak

    I was fixing to ask when the last time anyone gave a shit…but come to think of it, I’m starting to wonder when the last time she had a shit.

  39. GuyLeDouche

    If you look very closely, you can just see the balloon, the sky crane, and there, just at the edge of a cellulite crater, yes,…it’s Curiosity.

  40. mean_gurl

    All that money and she can’t buy some liposuction?

    • You’re absolutely right. She has denied time and again having had any augmentation to her breasts or her ass. I actually believe her. But someone needs to tell her…IT’S FUCKING TIME TO GET THAT ASS WORKED ON!

  41. Blech

    I think… it’s time for someone to check out late-night informercials. Because they have a bra that would be perfect for her.

    I’m going to hell…

  42. Neo

    Those are actually white pants. (A black hole is a region of spacetime where gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping).

  43. Schweddy Snatch

    If you morphed these two together, you’d get Cee Lo Green. Go ahead, stare at the screen until your eyes go blurry and witness the magic!!!

  44. shelby

    this is offensive.

  45. TheSufFan

    It’s like someone filled a Hefty bag with rotten vegetables and then let the bag sit out in the sun and become a huge soupy, chunky mess….and then put it down the back of her pants.

  46. She does not have a nice figure…a little teapot…short and stout!

  47. Why is that butt walking backwards?

  48. catapostrophe

    Happy ending: They walked into the woods and were never heard from again.

  49. lily

    shes a cow and he is a gay fish. NEXT.

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