1. Johnny P!

    Please preface his name with “Chaz” in future…

  2. tlmck

    Robin Williams’ secret half brother.

  3. EricLr

    Hey, can you pose for a picture with me….in the 80′s?

  4. Can we start a charity to save Bono from moobs?

  5. “I’m going to eat with or without you”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He made fifty million dollars last year which after tax is nearly fifty million dollars.

    Tax bray ay ay! Tax bray ay ay akes!

  7. It’s nice to see that at least one of those poor creatures managed to escape from The Chocolate Factory!

  8. tom

    What a fucking hypocrite.

  9. YAAR

    I see Louie CK grew some hair back

  10. Cock Dr

    Well what did you expect….he’s over 50 and he’s Irish. It’s hard to overcome those pre-existing conditions.

  11. Who's your mama

    “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

  12. I think he found what he was looking for 4,687,395 calories ago.

  13. JC


  14. lori


  15. She was going to hold up the camera and take this picture herself. But wouldn’t have been able to prove to anyone that was really Bono with only a fifth of him in the frame.

  16. donkeylicks

    Jesse James is so desperate for publicity now that Kat Von D is gone he’s actually moved on to one of the teen moms!!! WTF

  17. am I the only one seeing the gills?

  18. The Brown Streak

    Dale Earnhardt Jr’s fan base.

  19. hijkmno

    aging sucks ass:(

  20. Dave

    “Hey Bono, what happened to you?”

    “Sundaes, bloody sundaes.”

  21. ri

    That’s what Vern Troyer would look like if he were normal size

  22. KC

    Now you know where the inspiration for the US song “White as Snow” came from.

  23. This whole thread — best in a while. [applauds everyone]

  24. Beaver Underground

    I don’t know if his signature sunglasses are getting smaller or his head fatter.

  25. “it’s a beautiful buffett!”

  26. catapostrophe

    “Uno! Dos! Tres! Two twenty!”

  27. Roseanne Barr


  28. Hugh Jazz

    Sundaes, bloody Sundaes!

  29. fuckityfuck

    chaz bono on a diet or u2 bono?

  30. He keeps returning orders the waiters and waitresses bring him because ♫ ♪…they still haven’t found what he’s looking for… ♪ ♫

  31. Colin

    Apparently The Sweetest Thing is located in the aisle with the chips ahoy

  32. Bionic_Crouton

    “I can’t believe I am having my photo taken with ROBIN WILLIAMS!”

  33. kate

    I’ll have a man of Bono’s appetites over those of cadaver McJagger everyday.

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