1. tlmck

    Not a good sign when most of them are laughing.

  2. Johnny P!

    Whatever the girls are seeing only got him a bronze…

  3. Crissy

    And from the women’s reactions, I predick a very low score…

  4. EricLr

    I’m thinking he’s going to get a 10.

  5. “That damn Romanian judge always gives my dick a 5.”

  6. Brit

    You’ve gotta see my MC Hammer…

  7. Obvious where he’s suspending the medal from.

  8. Frank The Duck

    “Ok, so which one of you ladies is the bride?”

  9. The Pope

    “Look, you don’t understand. There was shrinkage.”

  10. your mom

    “Well will you give THIS the gold??”

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Ryan Lochte said he couldn’t get dressed until he gave himself a wedgie

  12. Buddy The Elf

    Oh, those silly Brits!

  13. Ladybear

    This pic is one “McKayla’s not impressed” face away from perfection

  14. The Brown Streak

    George Costanza is not impressed.

  15. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “Not impressed…My husband is black”

  16. GuyLeDouche

    “I’m telling you , the water in the pool is freezing…really!”

  17. Joaquin ingles

    Fuck off already, Channing Tatum.

  18. This photo is unceasingly awesome.

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