1. Johnny P!

    The gays love their weird chicks…

  2. EricLr

    A gay Beaver Cleaver driving a hearse?

  3. Well, we know what they *weren’t* doing…..

  4. “How do you get Chloe Sevingy into your car and NOT have sex with her?” Van Damme logic.

  5. Seriously, does “Chateau Marmont” translate into “Coke Den.”

  6. Contusion

    Zachary Quinto, Chloe Sevigny and some chick that just popped into the car from a 1978 time machine.

  7. Bigalkie

    Everyone in that car has that ” I just Brown Bunnied Vincent Gallo ” look on their faces.

  8. tom

    Fucking hipsters!

  9. His own Kobayashi Maru…How to get a drunk Chloe Sevigny out of his vehicle without getting a blow job first!

  10. Cock Dr

    And just who does that disembodied hand belong to?

  11. Icelandic Les

    Taylor Swift looks like shit.

  12. Who's your mama

    “the beautiful people, the beautiful people.”

  13. “We all had our own reasons to want Zooey Deschanel dead. But it wasn’t until we saw her in the crosswalk, singing tunelessly and shuffling back and forth like a drunken octogenarian, that we realized that it was our destiny to kill her.”

  14. cc

    See that? The one normal person in the car is trying to claw his way out.

  15. Buddy The Elf

    Beaver Cleaver is now shuttling Taylor Swift and her mom around?

  16. thatdude

    African-American will do just fine.

  17. Bionic_Crouton

    This looks like a bad 80′s road trip movie.

  18. That is the face of a man who said NO to the pussy and YES to the triple dose of Ecstasy.

  19. egg solo

    He knows her dick is for the show and not real, right?

  20. Helena

    OMG! Taylor Swift just realized that she forgot to put her moisturizer on!

  21. Bionic_Crouton

    Spock, Cindy Brady and David Spade were in a Lexus…

  22. Tom

    That *is* Tom Cruise in drag.

  23. The Brown Streak

    “Those damn Klingons didn’t validate my parking!”

  24. journalschism

    Watching ‘Brown Bunny’ at a drive-in.

  25. mean_gurl

    “Must…get…back…to…closet..before dawn.”

  26. Blech

    Is this one of those mind-fuck photos?

    Whose hand is that?

  27. “Okay everyone, don’t make any sudden movements and don’t panic. The Marmont staff gave me some safety tips on how to avoid a Lilo attack. Blonde girl to my right, calmly roll the window down and toss the coke out. We’ll get more later! This is life or death!!!!

  28. Since when does Velma get to drive the Mystery Machine?

  29. napoupi

    I knew ABBA would come back eventually !

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