1. bqhatevwr

    Cool capri pants.

  2. papastryfe

    Eddie, I told you I’m not Rhianna, and this isn’t Barbados.

  3. rospo

    her surname tells it all.

  4. Bam

    Nutty Professor: The Humps

  5. EricLR

    Yeah, I would probably be hiding behind my girl too if I had been in Pluto Nash.

  6. SherriffBART

    Where’re all da white women at?

  7. Batu Khan

    Am I the only one who looks at that tight blonde body in this setup and hears porn music:
    - Hello, see you ordered hot, sweet and black.
    - I also wanted coffee. But, while we wait…
    … cue porn music.

  8. ultra

    she’s still not a transsexual, eddie. give it up.

  9. Matt

    Hey, Eddie, does this one have a penis?

  10. Fred

    Eddie loves it when she wears open-toed shoes in public. Bitch has some fine-ass feet.

  11. Why don’t they just fuck on the countertop and get it over with? Jeez.

  12. Jack Napier

    That’s a pretty convincing tranny.

  13. Mel B. is so much hotter.

  14. oldfool

    Half of the money, EDDIE!

  15. Hidily Hodily

    Sherman Oaks? Sherman of the Nutty Professor Oaks?

  16. She must be a tranny.

  17. Eddie…you’re a grown man. Time to take out the earrings, bro!

  18. Someone Else

    Hey Eddie, Does she have a dick?

  19. …and what will you have sir? ” Lemonade that cool refreshing drink”

  20. …so, he’s still paying his beard to be seen in public with him, huh? — I MEAN; so, they’re still together, how nice!!!

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