1. This guy would slurp cum off an adult theater floor if he thought it would get him votes

  2. I'mCool

    Thank god he got my text and unscrewed the windshield squeegee from the bottom of his Dominican flag before the parade started.

  3. Cock Dr

    We should have a talk with his grim faced female supporter there…..why IS Weiner the right man for NYC?
    And what exactly is gonna happen to that big red bullhorn once the campaign is over?

  4. I don’t really care that the dude sends dick pictures to skanks. I don’t really care that he looks like a pervert waiting for his turn at the glory hole.

    But goddamn if I’m going to vote for someone who wears a guayabera shirt with orange pants.

    • Lemmiwinks

      I was going to give him a half point for using the megaphone as cover but he probably brought it along to alert the crowd if he gets a hard-on.

    • cc

      Thank fucking God you are here to tell me what kind of shirt that is. I was really wondering. In beige, it’s a common piece of attire amongst immigrants from the Indian sub-continent. Which begs the question…why show up dressed like a gay cab driver?

  5. Is he a dentist now too?

  6. Rihanna is here? Give her my number !

  7. The Pope

    “What bulls, nobody said anything about bulls?!”

  8. bewbs

    Mindy Kaling is not impressed

  9. Weiner suddenly realized that the low turnout was due to the fact that his Dominican constituents know him better as ‘Carlos Danger.’

  10. “Twitterdick says what?”

  11. crb

    This is the one where they always rape someone, right?

    Or is that the Jamaican Day parade?

  12. “Everyone, shout out your cell phone numbers, rapido!”

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