1. Last one to finish their ice cream has to go to Paltrow’s book signing.

  2. “You have my respect, whatever that means to you, you got it. But know this shit hard, if ever there comes a time, if I finish my ice cream first, and I’m still hungry, Kid, I will lay you the fuck out.”

  3. Cock Dr

    This is so wholesome and cute. Don’t quite understand why it’s here…unless PhotoBoy actually plans on attracting some pedophiles to the site.

  4. “Dad, when can we go back to Manhattan?”
    “When the cable people there start airing Daddy’s TV show again.”

  5. “Dad,Tell us again how you kicked Wolverine’s ass.”

  6. Those are going to be some badass kids.

  7. “Daddy did you ever notice the pool guy has long blonde hair like we do ?”

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