1. Both just caught a whiff of Al’s sharted briefs. That man has no shame.

  2. ultra

    nice smoker’s lips. ouch.

  3. Liz Lemmon and Marky Mark just out for a walk.

  4. “You taste bitter today.”

  5. Despite it’s long-running success, after 15 seasons it became impossible to pass off the Glee cast members as high school students.

  6. “Did you just say I am almost as white as Gumbel?”
    “Mmm Hmm!”

  7. pff

    When did Jodie Foster become such a skank looking old woman?

  8. Sarah Palin has kind of fallen apart since Fox fired her. Willie Geist thinks so too.

  9. great white snark

    my name is jeffy and I like apples.

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