1. That’s the face he made when he lost his anal virginity.

  2. Hey Johh show us what you did to get into the entertainment scene.

  3. Jesse Pinkman, age 51.

  4. Spleen

    Hopefully, he was getting electrocuted.

  5. Rocking an AIDS benefit for himself I presume.

  6. Jentilly

    Even John Mayer is bored of John Mayer

  7. “Here’s a song I wrote about Taylor Swift!”

  8. tlmck

    A year from now, he and Iggy Pop will be doing the “Twins” tour.

  9. Some crazy fuck murders John Lennon in his prime but John Mayer goes on living without so much as a coma-inducing beating or gang-rape? Justice is just a word used in comic books.

  10. crb

    That acid was really Ex-Lax, wasn’t it?

    Those scallywag bass-players and their hijinks!

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