1. I'mCool

    Mary J. Bilge

  2. Her ass looks like the biology pictures they used to show us in college of what gangrene infections looked like prior to amputation.

  3. Sure it’s not one of those Williams brothers?

  4. What’s the size 41?

  5. and people are wondering why I find Tara Reid attractive.

  6. Bilge could use a cellulite pump….

  7. Evver notice that you never see Mary J. Blige and Montana Fishburne together? Hmmm?

  8. Dick Nose

    Give her a break people. Damn she’s in her 40′s , That’s like 80 in black years

  9. She may have hood love, but that trunk has been abused.

  10. Bob

    I get the feeling that a fart from that thing is going to sound like Sad Tuba.

  11. ultra

    is she melting?

  12. meeps!!

    Black don’t crack but it sure as shit gets saggy…

  13. alex

    She needs to bag it up.

  14. “Where did I put that ass iron?”

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