1. Batu Khan

    Hypocrite! Either stop shoving yourself in our faces or take off that shirt. No, wait! Just put on another one.

  2. Oh my gosh! How many times did she get hit in the face with paintballs?!?

  3. Shit! That’s bad.

  4. why did someone put a mummy in 21st century clothing. oh wait nevermind.

  5. EricLR

    It used to be so easy to find virgins to feed on to maintain your youth. Now even fucking Utah is tapped out!

  6. Is she trying to be ironic, or are we supposed to believe a zombie actually supports human rights?

  7. ultra

    it’s gollum’s mom.

  8. Definitely Borderline.

  9. Looks like someone’s got the Harry Dean Stanton role nailed in the Alien reboot.

  10. I hear she’s a big donor to the Paz De La Huerta Bee Sting Institute.

  11. Jentilly

    Vampires need to stay out of the sun…

  12. Cock Dr

    Thank U…from the bottom of my heart…for covering up so thoroughly.

  13. “Why can’t I see Rocco?”
    “Because he is in England. He said to keep you in France and away from him until the botox swelling went down.”

  14. …And standing in for Madonna is Kate Hudson’s corpse.

  15. bibi

    defend human rights by throwing money at the blood thirsty israelis. hypocrite

  16. tlmck

    There is no defense for that face.

  17. “quick Fritz- open the ceiling window and let it see daylight for the very first time!”
    Fritz: heh-heh yes Dr. Frankenstein!”

  18. people train run outta Stubbville

  19. When travelling she keeps a coffin filled with the soil of her homeland to sleep in.

  20. Ronaldo

    Should have left her face alone. Those face-lifts look so bad on her now. What a dummy

  21. asdf

    An ENCOM hat? Huh.

  22. How do you win at paintball in France – is it the first one to surrender, or the first one to visibly piss their pants?

  23. This picture’s full of orbs and shit. Are the evil spirits going in or coming out?

  24. …scroll back down and look at the thumbnail; tell me it does’nt look like that lip-synching dwarf from youtube…

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