1. We’ve got to get this thing back in the water or it will die! Is that a golf ball in it’s blowhole?

  2. Try using a half-ton of dynamite. I hear it worked pretty well in Florence, Oregon in 1970.

  3. CptCreep

    Don’t worry Miss Hunt, we’ll get this stick out of your ass.

  4. The beach orgy looked alot more fun in the brochure.

  5. cc

    It’s okay Ms Hunt, we can see the problem now…there’s a stinging jellyfish in your buttcrack. It happened to Lady Gaga last week.

  6. What exactly is she riding in this movie?

  7. pffffffffff

    “No dude, you’re doing it wrong! You perform CPR here on the upper body.”

  8. I know she has had a few down years but I thought her career was still in better shape than this.

  9. Wow, those people from the Medic-Alert company sure don’t fuck around when you call and tell them you’ve fallen and you can’t get up.

  10. lily

    You know you have too much money when you can turn a seemingly $40 outfit into one that costs $1200.

  11. …jesus, what’s the plot of “ride”…forced milf public gangbangs?

  12. AnnaD.

    Looks like a pop music video in the making.

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