1. The perfect couple.

  2. dennis

    Kevin Hart should be wary if Shaq suddenly pulls out a “microphone” for him to speaking into.

  3. “While you’re down there…”

  4. Gin&Tonic

    one foot shorter and Kevin would suddenly be really interesting and useful right about now

  5. “Kevin, I think you’d fit perfectly in that punch bowl. Anybody seen the free throw line? I love free throws. Ask Hayden.”

  6. The only thing significant about this photo is that it’s the 10 millionth photo in which a person much shorter than Shaq gets their photo taken with him and everyone says, “Wow, he’s SO MUCH SHORTER!”

  7. And Starring, as Willis and Arnold…

  8. Dugger

    “See, I sticks my arm down his left pocket, tickle the end of his weiner and Shaq’s face goes like this”

  9. cc

    ‘He ain’t ma bitch he’s ma mini-me’

  10. John

    Gorilla and chimp

  11. “Tell em what I told you to say little man.”
    “Da Plane! Da Plane!”

  12. Shaq’s thinking about moving Kevin’s head a little bit south.

  13. journalschism

    Shaq’s tie is taller than Kevin Hart.

  14. Shaq and his penis.

  15. Shaq looks like that crazy giant guy at the end of your street who waters his lawn at 2am.

  16. Smells like coconut up in here.

  17. …i get it; because they’re black …good one, riley.

  18. Louis Bustamante

    “Any taller he’d be nuts over me.”

  19. It ain’t gonna suck itself

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