1. neo

    i dont want to hit it


    stop with this woman

  3. Alex

    From the top of her head to the headband, that is sexy!

  4. ahhhahaaaa, running, right!!!…..

  5. You’d think she’d be a little more melted in all that sunlight…

  6. Turd Ferguson

    I would hit that ALL DAY LONG.

    At least until the 2×4 busted, then I would grab whatever is handy and keep hitting it until it was dead.

  7. doogleberg

    She’s just one big, saggy, stretched, pissed off hunka woman.

  8. All it took was fake boobs and a tummy tuck to get her all the way up to a bitchy C+.

  9. chupacabra

    I mean, those are some UGLY legs from the knee down.

  10. Tara Reid has really went downhill from the American Pie days.

  11. You know those times you’re trying to hold it in, but these little farts keep coming out with every step you take? I imagine that happening here, only with queefs.

  12. PoorMaryKelly

    If she’s working out in hopes of finding a dad for her kids and someone to mate with her, there aren’t enough sit-ups, not enough scrunches to squat, not enough paved highway to run. The best she could hope for probably has spent the last 20 yrs on the sex offender registry.

  13. Lita

    How is she even still relevant?

  14. GuyLeDouche

    Look at the future, Holly Madison.

  15. Senor Trout

    What sort of fuck-up of a photographer must you be if your assignment is to hang out in Reading, PA, waiting for a Gosselin to do something?

  16. MrsWrong

    “And I just kept on a run-ning”

  17. The Brown Streak

    I was going to type a funny comment, but instead, let me show you the bowl of puke I made after seeing this pic.

  18. awshucks

    kelly ripa would kill for that belly button!!!!

  19. Normal Male

    Who? Some Pennsylvania street walker?

  20. Kenny

    You’re a strange one…Mr. Grinch.

  21. duh!

    Oh for the love of god, GIVE IT UP already. You’re RUINED! 8 times over!

  22. Marv

    She honestly doesn’t look that bad for having shit out 8 little bastards.

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