1. neo

    still fuckable

  2. “See him over there? I nailed him. See the guy behind him? I nailed him. See that other guy . . .”

  3. Nice dress. Mum-Ra Bridesmaid Collection?

  4. Jack

    “I’ll take uh hunk uh hunk uh burnin’ crystal meth, thank yah very much”.

  5. 4-ty 4-ty 4….pfffft. Fuck off.

  6. “Wait’ll they put a load in me.”

  7. Thufferin Thuckotash, she’s Dithpicable.

  8. doogleberg

    *DRUNKEN INNER DIALOGUE: “Forty-four’s ass…PFFFTT…I feel 84…I got a pussy that looks like a plucked turkey not to mention fuckin’ hepatitis-C. I guess I should be glad I’m not dead…yeah, let’s party assholes.”

  9. PoorMaryKelly

    In the past few years Pam’s outsides have started to match her insides.She’s despicable. I really hope there’s been a nanny or caregiver for her two sons that have raised them to be descent humans. The gene pool these kids have is really sad. And who the deuce is still banging this woman? Is HepC not a deterrent? I don’t know about them but I’m kinda fond of my liver.

  10. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    It’s like the 30 minute frozen pizza delivery.
    Never hot, never late, always comes on request.

  11. Why can’t she age gracefully, like her castmate, Nicole Eggert?

  12. Knee Grow

    Carmen Electra is making you look silly now, eh?

  13. Mai

    Forty-four is not old, but in her case it is…..very, very sad. She needs to lay off the drugs.

  14. Bj

    So now we can all agree that her new lingerie ads are total bullshit, right?

  15. Lita

    Okay, honey, you’re 44, not 24. Looking like a strung out whore was okay back in the day but you have kids now!

  16. Lita

    Honey, you’re 44, not 24. Looking like a strung out whore was okay in your 20s. Now it’s time to cover up.

  17. GuyLeDouche

    Ugly sticks make entertaining birthday presents.

  18. Maloney

    Hail to the king, baby.

  19. MrsWrong

    That wax-figure is so death-like

  20. RoCer

    “My crotch itches so bad! But everyone’s looking. Fucking chlamydia…”

  21. icu

    Dammit! I can smell my own tang from here! I’d scrub harder if it wasn’t for all those open sores…

  22. IbePiglet

    Oh look! She’s making Lindsay face!

  23. Sin

    So, how many of these guys do I have to fuck this time to get back in the media’s favor?

  24. TomFrank

    “Hold it…hold it…damn. Thought I’d finally dislodged that pubic hair of Tommy’s from my wisdom tooth. So close.”

  25. Kid Rock did you ever dodge a bullet… 44 and looks every second of it.

  26. “Who do I gotta blow to get ta-oh, that guy…”

  27. The Brown Streak

    Ironically enough, her boobs just turned 18.

  28. Pamela Anderson is clearly not amused by the altered lyrics the partygoers are singing to her:

    ♫ Hep-C birthday to you, Hep-C birthday to you… ♫

  29. Lynx

    oh well, she kinda had a good run…

  30. HIC!!! Wait’ll everybody finds out that I already polished off all the booze. HIC!!!

  31. Kenny

    Anna Nicole called…she wants her death back.

  32. tayker

    Only 44?! I thought her 50′s were kicking the shit out of her.

  33. Only five years away from Dolly Parton’s mug.

  34. Tyler Perry

    Doing her best Billy Idol impression….

  35. vitobonespur

    Pamela Anderson celebrating her 44th birthday by masquerading as a seventy year old.

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