1. It must suck thinking your sexy pics will make you more famous while being photobombed by Steven Seagal.

  2. alex

    Are those Revo sunglasses? lol HAWT!!!

  3. Crissy

    OK, people THIS by far wins the price for the worst butterface in history! That body just got totally ruined by that mothafuking face!!! DAMN, you ugly!

    • Frunken

      I still think De Le Huerta wins, but it’s pretty bad when you’re still a butterface with sunglasses on. Even Kate Gosselin can deceive you with some aviators.

  4. mandas

    She needs a dermatologist in a bad way

  5. theoriginal LJ

    You’d have the same look on your face if you just saw the junk hanging in the Speedo of the guy behind her (best I could think of after I saw these:).

  6. lily

    she has a reallly nice bod!!!

  7. Mama Pinkus

    she has a lovely figure but she’s a bit fugly in the face

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