1. Sven Golly

    I wouldn’t want to be the pap that gets in her way, looks like she’s ready to kick some ass.

  2. Deep inside, she’s rocking 4 Non Blondes something fierce.

  3. cc

    It flicks its tongue and tastes the air.

  4. alex

    Madonna arms.

  5. Crissy

    She just ate a a fly!

  6. The Brown Streak

    “Was that a gravy train that just went by?”

  7. batman71

    MMMMM, Bacon.

  8. Emma Watson's Vagina

    Wow Steven Tyler dyed his hair blonde.

  9. BowelTowel

    That’s the look I’d have too if I just used my tongue to realize my face is 85% mouth.

  10. CranAppleSnapple

    Loose and floppy waistband, puffy hip pouches and bitey little cameltoe. Perfect! Where can I get them? I hope they still have seizure fuchsia.

  11. Just cleaning out the last bit of bacon drippings from the cracks in her mouth.

  12. lily

    lol shes cute

  13. Jarrod

    “I like turtles!”

  14. rambone

    Don’t make Kyra angry. You won’t like Kyra when she’s angry.

  15. Colin


  16. She’s sexy. I love her southern accent.

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