1. GLT

    Nah. Too easy.

  2. Taylor

    It’s like magic or something, when I push on my boobs like this my tummy pooches out.

  3. cc

    I have never, ever heard of this person.

  4. kimmykimkim


  5. The Brown Streak

    “Siri, who the fuck is this?”

  6. I blame Photo Boy’s wife for this. Whenever there’s a Real Housewife here, I’m going to blame Photo Boy’s wife.

  7. rican


  8. We

    Oh, these old things?!?!

  9. Joaquin ingles

    “Yes’m. We had to hold ‘em like this before about, oh, 1913 I reckon.”

  10. “Who the hell is this chick?”
    “I don’t know…she just sort of fell off of Jocelyn Wildenstein one day.”

  11. Pumping on zem vill vork no vanders, Lisa.

  12. Biff


  13. spartacus

    Ewwwww, taste of sick in my mouth

  14. “Van-der-pump…that’s V-A-N-D-E-R-P-U-M-P, Vanderpump. And yes, it’s my real name. How else do you think I got these great tits?”

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