1. katelah

    I always wondered what happened to the dude from EMF

  2. I bet Bruce is really happy when that little shitbag comes around.

  3. someone

    samantha ronson is her boyfriend

  4. Thought balloon coming out of Lucas’ head “Only 3 more months and I’ll be old enough to date Demi.”

  5. Demi + Bruce = meh.

  6. cc

    It pays to shop around, part II.

  7. Lowered Expectations.

  8. yomama

    “mom said he would be somewhere down this alley”
    Demi’s not dumb….she knows only the youngsters can find the good drugs.

  9. The Brown Streak

    “There’s the animal control van. Rumor must be around here somewhere.”

  10. Dan's friend

    Lowered Expectations

  11. She’s better looking than Rumer, but apparently has the lowest of standards.

  12. Tillman

    It moved.

  13. mandas

    Malibu’s most wanted, headed to the Starbizzucks

  14. Fingergod

    Hmm, a gay Christian. It must be hard for him… except when Tallulah’s around! ZING!

  15. contusion

    Looks like she picked him up outside the Sbarro’s at the Topeka, Kansas mall.

  16. Sam Ronson is looking more like a female every day.

  17. bethy

    Utilitarian relationship at its most obvious.

  18. lily

    irrelevant average looking people

  19. Rather Dashing

    Bruce: “Tallulah, why do you bring home these douches?”
    Tallulah: “You named me Tallulah.”
    Bruce: “Fair enough. Carry on.”

  20. Kinky Minx

    A picture noone asked for!

  21. tlmck

    Fortunately she did not inherit her sister’s chin.

  22. catapostrophe

    Imaginary cigarettes are the new actual cigarettes.

  23. Jarrod

    “Yes, I always travel with an albino rap Jesus. What was the question?

  24. Colin

    She’d murder him in a jaw fight.

  25. KirstyJ

    And all the girlys say Im pretty fly for a white guy

  26. That dude is obviously gay.

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