1. Couldn’t fit her in there anymore huh?

  2. catapostrophe

    Is this good or bad?

  3. cc

    Hmmm, did I get all the bacon out of the freezer?

  4. The Brown Streak

    Snooki had the producer over for dinner. He was delicious.

  5. I’ve noticed every two pictures so far has been of an ass. Thank you for using your better judgement on this one because I am eating.

  6. Not pictured: jaws of life

  7. MILF

    Yep, she’s having a girl. You can see the sideways cameltoe already.

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    She had to move. that big ass of hers broke the toilet.

  9. bethy

    ::wonders why morning sickness doesn’t taste like Red Bull and semen….wait…there it is::

  10. “Oh fuck! Where am I moving to again…????”

  11. EricLr

    And when the time is right, the female Oompa Loompa will break away from the pack to find a quiet spot in back of a dance club where she will give birth to her young.

  12. tlmck

    “Now which one of those is full of Bon Bons?”

  13. Salad Face

    Now debuting Beyonce’s “Pillow Pregnancy” line at a Wal-Mart near you!

  14. tidbit

    Even the van from Jersey is a douche with its GTL license plate.

  15. ihatemosteveryone

    There are more ripples going on there than in a bag of Ruffles.

  16. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    They leave in her flab, but they Photoshop out her cigarette. Classy.

  17. squishy

    You mean I got pregnant for nothing and can’t transition to that Teen Mom series…I”m so Frakked!!

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