1. The latest dance craze sweeping the nation-the “Farrah Abraham”!

  2. Her performances are great!

  3. I always heard wiping was supposed to be front to back.

  4. Jentilly

    Who is this Piggy Azalea?

  5. yes, iggy. that’s where the gays do it. now keep rehearsing.

  6. Sure, she can rub one out in public, but how is she with a broom and dustpan?

  7. M waddams

    That taint dancing.

  8. I can touch my asshole from underneath too. is that considered performing now?

  9. It’s the spin-off series of Toddlers and Tiaras called No Self Esteem and Nightclubs.

  10. Mista Snazzy

    Ahhh, so that’s how you got into the Entertainment Industry!!

    Yup, makes perfect sense!!

  11. …i don’t think this was part of the performance.

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