1. Just retrace your steps, lady. Where would you have left your career?

  2. “Shoe buckles are totally making a comeback”
    “I used to bang Brad Pitt…”

  3. The Todd

    Umm….Lumbergh Fucked her.

  4. Is that Billy Ray?

  5. “come on, surely you can name just one movie people will remember you in”

  6. “Early don’t eat breakfast. He thinks its a conspiracy put together by the cereal people.”

  7. The only thing I don’t like about her is that she’s a scientologist.

  8. Later

    Natural Born Ager

  9. “NO! I can do this! …I think it was lot C.”

  10. *sigh*…”I’ve forgotten what De Niro tasted like. I keep thinking that if I put my finger in my mouth then I’ll remember, but no, that never works.”

  11. Um no lady, you can’t live in my car.

  12. Was he worried that someone was gonna steal those fucking things? He shouldn’t have.

  13. EricLR

    Now, when we get to the door, just remember–I’m George Michael and you’re Courtney Love.

  14. …i really don’t know why i wanna bang her so bad …and yes, i feel a twinge of shame about it. (just a twinge, though)

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