1. tlmck

    Shouldn’t that read “Middle Aged Men Who Refuse To Grow Up And Get A Real Job On The Block”?

    • …you’re right, they should all quit farting around on a stage for an hour with chicks screaming for them and getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars each time, and go work at the home depot with you.

  2. yourmom

    fuck, I’m old…

  3. “But it hurts real bad!”
    “It’s just a boner, Jonathan. Here, let me rub it a little, and then we have to take this picture.”

  4. Senor Trout

    You may think of them as Jonathan, Danny, Jordan, Donnie and Joey, but its actually Top, Power Bottom, Bottom, Vers, Extraordinarily Bottom Bottom.

  5. Mos

    I like the one who looks like a weasel.

  6. What next? A reunion of of all the members of Menudo?

  7. Spleen

    They really do look new.

  8. The Not Justin Timberlakes.

  9. were these guys ever cute? I missed the whole episode and I resent having to be subjected to them now. go away old men.

  10. Aka Donnie and the Other Guys.

  11. You know Danny smells like cigarettes and poker machines.

  12. EricLR

    Five middle-aged brothers from B-town land

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