1. tlmck

    Too easy.

  2. I like your hat.
    I like your hat, too.
    Can I kiss you?
    Holy pedophile!
    I think this caption got lost at some point.
    I think so too.
    Next photo.

  3. johnny p

    Sucking out the souls of black children tastes like chocolate.

  4. “I want to bless the inside of your mouth. Would you let Papa do this? I promise Jesus won’t watch, unless you want him to.”

  5. bEnDeR

    “Shhhhh… Who do you think Michael got that Jesus Juice recipe from? That’s right….”

  6. Well that’s unfortunate. This sort of chance occurrences make you think if there is a god he’s of the prankster variety.

  7. You know when the papal PR guy showed him the picture he was like, “God damnit.”

  8. “Heresa anotha wonna fo you to kissa Popa”
    “Oh My Godda! Whatta happenna to thisa one?”
    “Heesa browna anna looka lika monkey!”
    “Ummmma… Thatsa boya froma Africa.”
    “Oh manna, halfa monkey boysa! Godda hava somma gooda jokas!”

  9. Vlad

    No tongue this time, Mr. Pope. Okay, how about a reacharound instead my son?

  10. EricLR

    Well, here we go again.

  11. catapostrophe


  12. UGH

    Not featured: boner.

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