1. “Excuse me, madame… do you know which way to the Le Arc de Triomphe??”

  2. ” Hey, you left your lights on !!”

  3. Fatal Attraction: Attention Whore

  4. My basic instincts are to move on to the next photo quickly.

  5. It’s literally been 30 years since anyone wanted to see that.

  6. Those tits are still pretty nice.

  7. Sharon Stone has nice pebbles.

  8. Whoever did Sharon Stone’s breasts should be the go-to plastic surgeon for everyone in Hollywood. Think of all the Tara Reids we can save.

  9. Sex with her would be crazy. And that’s good. I like crazy.

  10. Joan rivers

    At least she’s dressed appropriately for someone her age.

  11. Robb7

    Hey, she looks better than some of the 20 year olds posted on this site!

  12. Andie

    If she were dressed appropriately she’d be wearing a bra. This is shameful. You’re a grown woman, wear a bra.

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