1. She just hates it when the plebeian dilettantes cross her path.

  2. Run, Chris, RUN!!!

  3. sprub

    Seems like she’s out of French un-bitch cream.

  4. Primitivefix06

    Grumpy cat?

  5. An accurate specimen sample at last. Finally, we’ve diluted the cosmetic variables.

  6. yourmom

    Spicoli! Get back to class!

  7. Hey dude…what’s your problem!?

  8. Someone forgot her organic bio-cleanse wheat grass & fennel shake this morning!

  9. I thought Fraggles weren’t really real.

  10. I dont think its a coincidence her husband is *never* in a picture with her

  11. holy mother of dave mustaine

  12. She must’ve stepped in GOOP

  13. meeps!

    Hondo no like…

  14. That’s the face of fifteen minutes of sunshine a day.

  15. Not looking like the most beautiful now.

  16. Are you sure this isn’t Blythe Danner?

  17. AWOL

    And here she is, the Most Beautiful Woman on the planet Earth.

    Holy Shit What is that?! Burn it, burn it with Fire!

  18. “Baaaaagginsss…..SHIIIIIIRRRRE!

  19. Now that’s the Paltrow in my eyes everytime I see her.

  20. This is why I forced FORCED myself to not look at those G-String pictures, I knew they were horseshit, this bitch is hideous.

  21. Shouldn’t she be on the balcony on The Muppet Show?

  22. Kat

    Iggy Pop’s growing his hair?

  23. Beauty Queen

    She’s just lazy, or on the way to the hospital. Otherwise, there is no reason to go out in public looking this bad.

  24. Someone googled themselves this morning. MUAHAHAHA.

  25. LV426

    Dave Mustaine looks like shit

  26. EricLR

    Superficial comments make Gwyneth grumpy.

  27. catapostrophe

    Closeted dyke grumpy!

  28. Tom S.

    I want an oompa loompa! I want an oompa loopa noooow!

  29. “That paparazzi just called me Martha Plimpton. Who the hell is Martha Plimpton??”

  30. geo-happy

    ha!! i now feel it was worth my time to use this god awful hick town hotel internet connection shared between 50 horny geologists to see this photo and the 32 below it load!!! i feel vindicated!

  31. …she’s just mad her son ‘Mask’ died.

  32. crb

    Not being one tiny bit ironic in that expression either, haha!

  33. Fingergod

    Damn! Johnny Winter looks good for his age!

  34. uhoh

    World’s most beautiful woman.

  35. “Those bastards at People Magazine called and said when they voted me most beautiful there was an error in the vote tally. The real winner should have been Beth Frankel.”

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