1. I’m sorry, but this is as close as I can safely get and not contract HPV.

  2. johnny p!

    That neighborhood has been plastered with pics of a poodle that’s been missing for a week, with a reward offered.
    Dude with the camera just found it.

  3. tlmck

    Probably the only paying gig she has had in a while.

  4. “Hold on. I’ll get the wide angle lens.”

  5. Looks like she’s been reduced to turning tricks to make ends meet. Some Johns like to film their exploits.

  6. Spleen


  7. Moments later, the camera, then the small man, we’re ass-sorbed into a mighty, gravitational abyss.

  8. So they’re making a Hurt Locker 2? I’m not sure a hipster version will translate well to the big screen.

  9. The LAPD’s uniforms are skewing a little young these days.

  10. …stop it …just …stop it.

  11. “Bend over just a little bit more…a little bit higher on tip-toes…ahhhh-HAAA! There it is. OK, grease ‘er up and here I come!”

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