1. So THIS is what Kim K’s gynecologist saw during the delivery… Interesting…

  2. Whew! Somebody’s got REALLY bad breath!

  3. damn it, I worxed all over my keyboard!!

  4. This Katie Price mannequin is horrible. It’s not even remotely lifelike. I hope the promoter kept the receipt.

  5. Mook

    Ultra duck-lips engage!

  6. tlmck

    “Hi Mum! Look what I do for a living.”

  7. That is seriously the worst case of chlamydia I’ve ever seen.minecraft transporting horses

  8. That’s an outrageous camel toe. I can see her lips from here.

  9. RAWZ

    Sadly, those are the only kissable lips on her.

  10. The shark has been jumped, illegally caught and served in an upscale Japanese restaurant to whoever took the responsibility for the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown after the tsunami. He then does the only honorable thing and commits seppuku. In a strange twist his daughter flies back from university in England for the wake and in a strange twist, is wearing this perfume. This is what i imagine Japanese life to be like from years of manga and media.

  11. It must be nice to have absolutely no shame.

  12. Jesus, I’m skipping this one.

  13. LLBL

    I’m no doctor, but isn’t that thing turned the wrong way?

  14. Someone needs to drive a truck full of lip balm over her.

  15. In an unrelated story, Herpes may cause genital swelling.

  16. colt13

    The transformation into Janice Dickinson is complete.

  17. EricLR

    I warned you that shooting Kim Kardashian’s vagina would only make it stronger! But you fools didn’t listen!

  18. She should be standing outside of Blimpie’s advertising blowjobs with sandwich purchases. “It’s a Beautiful Thing!”

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