1. tlmck

    His name tag should say “Blue Light Special”.

  2. I said 2 midget hookers, Charlie!

  3. “What movie?”

  4. “Clean up at the checkout.. there is a big pile of puke”

  5. To his continued disappointment, Chris Farley did not give him a sign.

  6. joe

    Idiot. “Cock” starts with a “C.”

  7. Wow, he finally grew up enough to get accepted into the Hair Club for Men.

  8. johnny p!

    ‘David Spade’. ‘K-Mart’. ‘Grown Ups 2′.
    Sounds about right.

  9. “Hey, I got new hair plugs bitch, get over here. And bring that slutty friend of yours too.”

  10. Adam Sandler

    you misspelled “working at”

  11. Still learning how to use a telephone handset.

  12. David Bowie with matching eyes?

  13. David Spade working at KMart sounds right to me.

  14. Hugh Jazz

    “Paging Mr. Paratesties, Mr. Harry Paratesties. (snicker)”

  15. “Right now, all women’s tops are half off. Thank you for shopping at Kmart…Buh bye.”

  16. The sad part is that David Spade had nothing to do with “Grown Ups 2″ was just announcing a Blue Light special.

  17. “This isn’t so bad. You guys taking applications haha? But seriously, Sandler is super pissed at me, can I get an application?”

  18. “Paging 1977… when my hairstyle was in fashion.”

  19. EricLR

    Attention shoppers, 1991 called and I warned them to kill me before I could make “Joe Dirt.”

  20. Are we absolutely *sure* this is a movie set?

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