1. I never have to work for money. Look at me, love me. Wait, where are you going?

  2. The other girl is too fat to get mentioned in the caption.

  3. If her eyes weren’t so close together and retarded looking, she’d be really smoking, albeit in an insufferable pig sort of way.

  4. SER

    Nice of her to crop out his giant boner.

  5. Yeah right

    Look! I have a boyfriend with male pattern baldness who’s hairline visibly recedes as you look at it!!

  6. Yeah right

    and my CHUNKY chub friend is zero threat! Ooops! he banged her too! Bastard!

  7. yoop

    going bald is what you get for being named Slater Trout

  8. Who is taking all these photos of her?

  9. Ireland Baldwin with Slater Trout and beluga whale.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    I believe the heading of the pic was, “Hi Dad, I’m into threesomes now. Love, Piggy”

  11. Are they never not together? She must be a stage 5 clinger.

  12. …is that loch ness?

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