1. This would be like his sister having someone pee on her in public. I thought Kris Jenner’s pimp hand was strong.

  2. johnny p!

    He clicked on a filter option to get that effect on the pic before posting it.
    That’s the most creative and artistic thing a Kardashian has ever done.

  3. CK

    Is that spray-on cheese-wiz?

  4. Instagram – Artificially Enhancing Your Douchiness Since 2010

  5. Fatpig McDeuce

    Here we see individual photons being inescapably pulled into the Fat Hole’s gravity well.
    Fat Hole.
    Flat Hole.
    Black Microphone.
    Goddamn autocorrect. “BLACK. HOLE.”

  6. Senor Trout

    Eating. WATFO?

  7. “*SOB* You don’t judge, me do you Baconater?”

  8. Hugh Jazz

    Yes… let the douche flow thru you.

  9. He’s so bloated, his tattoos are spraying from his back fat.

  10. AWOL

    I thought that was only in cartoons…
    You can actually see the stink lines emanating from his butt.

  11. That’s a spicy burrito.

  12. El

    That filter really brings out his stretch marks.

  13. Kardashian tears are the ultimate condiment.

  14. EricLR

    The filters really add class.

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