1. There… There are just no words necessary for this.

  2. New balls please!

  3. Slappy Magoo

    Wow the Arnold kids from the Wonder Years sure grew up looking douchey.

  4. caley

    “What, a backhand by Nadal! Did you see that, Gerard?”
    “Never mind that, did you see the port-a-potty out back?!”

  5. You didn’t expect them to be at the Women’s final did you?

  6. johnny p!

    Bradley: “Ooh, I can see it now! 4 tennis champs wake up completely wasted, can’t remember what happened last night, but have to compete against a monkey! Whaddya think, Gerrard? Gerrard?”
    Gerrard: “Porta-Potties… Porta-Potties… Porta-Potties.. they must have some around here… Mmmm, Porta-Potties!”

  7. Bradley: I think Murray is going to pull this one out!
    Gerrard: I already have…mmmm….ohhh….yeahhhh….

  8. Who said free cheese?

    Bradley: Are you sure this is a good idea in public?
    Gerrard: Oh God, just keep doing what you’re doing.

  9. Gerard was so badass in “Olympus Has Fallen”. Great movie.

  10. Looks like they both have the same hairdresser.

    Gerard – be a Scotsman and get down a decent barber.

  11. “Brad, all I heard you say was ‘gentleman’s singles match’, which sounded pretty awesome. This is a just a bunch of dudes playing tennis.”

  12. MrG

    It looks like before and after pics. Before and after someone left a corpse to bloat in a pool of water.

  13. I guess we know who got cast for the part of Bernie for the Weekend at Bernie’s reboot. What depth!

  14. Is there a Twins remake I wasn’t informed of?

  15. EricLR

    Jeez, and I though English SOCCER was boring.

  16. “Gerard…what does it mean when the referee yells ‘LET!”? Gerard…Gerard…???”

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