1. “You’re breath smells like bacon”
    “I love you too”

  2. fuckcicle

    Fatter and Fatterer?

  3. Garth Brooks is kinda teddy bear cute with that little bit of tub.

  4. How come we don’t see Chris Gaines performing anymore?

  5. “Trisha, in front of you, God, and all these people, I am so sorry about the whole Chris Gaines thing…”

  6. Nothing like a belly rub to the boobs to show some love.


  8. ♪ ♫ “I love how your jeans hold up your butt…
    And I love how my breasts rest on your gut…” ♪ ♫

  9. “Garth…”
    “yes, Trish, baby?”
    “I think the people here would love it made it a really special evening and brought Chris Gaines on stage for a song or two…”

    ::: rioting ensues causing a Benefit Concert for Victims and Families of the Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert to benefit United Way of Central Oklahoma May Tornadoes Relief Fund concert. :::

  10. Did that tornado send Oklahoma back to 1990?

  11. EricLR

    He’s got fat in low places.

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Mutton is dressed up as lamb, and Brook’s belly is growling for some chops.

  13. Looks like they’re arguing over who’s doing the dishes.

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