1. The young child-like hookers who brought down the Italian PM looks so good. They grow up so fast…

    • Dr Zoidberg

      she didn’t brought down the italian PM she just had sex, when underage, with the whole “french soccer team” that s what made her famous and yes, she might try to launch a career in the us and by the way, she s an arab … isn t that funny to finally see an unveiled arab whore

  2. “And when we turn her upside-down, the dress becomes opaque and black.”

  3. SER

    Glitter really is the STD of craft supplies!

  4. She’ll soon be over in the US to further her career.

  5. I forget. Is this a shot from Barbarella, or Galaxina?

  6. It seems child prostitutes are all the rage in the fashion world right now.

  7. There’s only Zuuuulllll!

  8. Definitely doable. Even if she were underage. What the fuck are they gonna do, throw me in jail?

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