1. “Hey, Jason! I heard that new TV contract has a second year-option… for CBS!!”

  2. “Get back , get back ! Someone help me.” Segal gets a look at maculinity…

  3. “No, Mila Kunis, not after Kutcher! Stay back!”

  4. yourmom

    John Hamm sighting…

  5. One second before being pelted with eggs for agreeing to another pointless season of “How I met your Mother”.

  6. “Run! They have found the secret location of the Douche Cave!”

  7. schadenfreuded

    Auditioning for the opening credits of the new live-action “Simpsons” movie.

  8. EricLR

    The last pic they took before Rosie O’Donnell attacked.

  9. papastryfe

    RUN SPEED!!! The Harakanusafurikawagojira gang wants to steal the Mach Scooter 5! OOOOHHH!!! I wonder if they know Spritle and ChimChim are hiding in the impossibly small trunk!

  10. “It’s the Boogey Man…run for your life…”

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