1. Slappy Magoo

    “Yes, Horace?”
    “Why has that boy behind me not refilled my drink?”

  2. JC

    “Why, there’s nothing in my wallet, young man. Wallets are for poor people.”

  3. 40 years after the events depicted in The Matrix, Morpheus and Agent Smith reconciled their differences and were often seen enjoying sporting events together.

  4. Samu L

    Woman in front row: “What exactly is this American person’s relationship with his mother?”

  5. Mr. Jackson! I loved you in The Matrix!

  6. Look at the Great Wall Of China of body language between Victoria and Samuel. Very telling.

  7. I thought Hume Cronyn died years ago.

  8. DB – *I’d like to show that Petra Kvitova how I bend it like Beckham*
    VB – Yes, I’d like half pepperoni and half nothing. Name’s Posh
    SLJ – So then I says: “Mine’s the one that says ‘Bad Mother Fucker’”

  9. “I have had it with these motherfucking balls on this motherfucking court!”

  10. Why does she always look like she’s just finished or is about to start crying? Although starving kids in Africa have that same look…

  11. First there was all the golf stuff. Now he’s watching tennis with English people. I’m starting to think that maybe that’s just a really good tan.

  12. What everyone in this photo is thinking, “That’s totally major.”

  13. A Sterling Idea

    “David… I’ve told you, you can fuck them, whatever, but don’t bring them to the games.”

  14. ugh she looks like DEATH

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