1. Cock Dr

    I give it another couple months.

  2. nobody said life was going to be fair.

  3. Slappy Magoo

    Step aside. Old Man Walking. Barely.

  4. T-Bone

    Three minutes to Wapner. I’m an excellent driver.

  5. The Brown Streak

    Like her or hate, give Charlize her dues, she really cares about Alzheimer’s patients.

  6. Goddamn she’s gorgeous and he’s….not.

  7. anonym

    sad. You can tell who’s the man in this relationship.

    She could do better.

  8. It’s not surprising he’s being toted around as an accessory given that his face has the texture of a handbag.

  9. Bob Loblaw

    What a Stud!

  10. Well, at least she let him wear the pants…to the event.

  11. Is it just me, or does it look like Charlize just spanked a naughty boy?

    Well well well, I rather suspected this about Mister Badass all along.

  12. Phil B.

    Forget him, she’s absolutely heavenly. Click on the right arrow above this photo to see the other end of the spectrum. WARNING, don’t do it within 2 hours of eating a meal.

  13. dreamcrusher

    Charlize is dumb enough to think Penn is smart. And that marxism is all about ‘fairness’ or something.

    I guess that adorable picaninny she purchased does not match this outfit.

  14. Wayner

    I will go to my fucking grave…I just don’t get it. Especially after seeing her interviewed. She is as smart and as level headed as she is gorgeous. What in God’s name is she doing with that train wreck nut job.

    • Charlize wants a man more successful than her, so her choices are very limited. A regular guy won’t do.

      So basically there’s about two dozen guys she can date.

      Also, there’s a possibility this relationship is an arrangement to get them both noticed. It wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has been done.

  15. Fancy Face

    Did Sean Penn make a deal with the devil or something? Or does he have like a dick that’s been blessed by some sadistic Greek God? I don’t get this!

  16. “Wait… Before you go out there, I’d like to tell them all about my humanitarian efforts in Haiti.”

  17. Swearin

    “I’d like to thank the Academy for this award” – what he’s thinking

  18. Ken

    “Give me the keys. Now.”
    “A little to the left….Dear”

  19. Mila ruined by Ashton, Charlize ruined by Sean, Amber Heard ruined by Johnny Depp.

    What is going on?

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