1. She’s wearing those boots because she’s been shoveling Kim’s manure.

  2. Eric

    What better way to learn how to be a celebrity whore than by being a real whore on Sunset Boulevard?

  3. Thigh-high boots, for when you want to make it obvious.

  4. And remember shes already bearding for Jaden…

  5. The Kris Jenner is strong in this one.

  6. anonymous

    Her dogs must stink in those boots if that’s what she’s wearing in July.

  7. Stinky

    It’s the pirate shirt!

  8. Kris Jenner proudly presents: The Polanski Collection!

  9. Well she must be hooking if she strutting in those things , Kris must be holding back the money.

  10. I am convinced none of the closets in the Kardashian house have lights.

  11. Brooks


    The other one.

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