1. Slappy Magoo

    Last time I saw a look and a pose like that, villagers were approaching with torches and pitchforks

  2. j/k

    Reppin’ South Side Crackheads fo shizzle

  3. ‘Two in the pink, four in the stink’ must be the minimum requirements to join Charlie’s Goddesses™.

  4. Cocaine is a helluva a drug..

  5. I can’t wait to see how he reacts when his pornstar bride takes him for every penny he’s got.

  6. “Hey Charlie, how many hookers tonight?”

  7. You, too, can regain your happiness by consciously uncoupling from sanity.

  8. “WHINING!”

  9. Hey look you douche bags, see how much better I am! My beautiful wife to be Brett only charges me these many thousands in fingers when I try to get hard now. And a bag of crack . . . always some crack. You guys ever realize how much crack and rat poison look alike? I never did until I found this box of rat poison in Brett’s car.

  10. The Brown Streak

    Three peace signs with just two hands? Winning!

  11. If it isn’t Brett Rossi the porn star trying to look classy. Somehow I don’t think it works. Her days are numbered besides .. big-time.

  12. PassingTrue

    So Chuckles, how many alimony checks are you behind?

  13. “Kickin’ it with my ho while I’m kickin’ out my ex-wife and kids!”

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