1. Is Carnie a first name or a job title? Fuck it lets go with both.

  2. Brian Wilson

    Stealing food from toddlers AGAIN, shame on you!

  3. EricLr

    I my mommy were wearing that, I’d be crying too little girl.

  4. WAH! Mommy, that boogie man scared me!

  5. Frank Burns

    You’d cry too if Carnie Wilson walked past you in a dress that is backless down to the knees.

  6. MFer

    expanding…. EXPANDING….

  7. Low Ball

    The kid in the back speaks for all of us!

  8. Time to go get the remaining 3 stomachs bypassed.

  9. Frank The Duck

    “Mommy.. we can’t steal Grandma’s drapes”

  10. The Pope

    It appears that Carnie Wilson just ate Katie Holmes.

  11. Johnny P!

    I sure hope Gretel is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to find her way home…

  12. Fat like a Wilson, but dressed like a Phillips.

  13. Turd Ferguson

    Shit the thumbnail made her look like one of Bruce/Demi’s kids with the jacked up names. Oops, same with the actual sized photo.

  14. Henry

    The little girl’s face pretty much says it all.

  15. bewbs

    She hires a little girl to follow her around and cry about her weight problem so she doesn’t have to.

  16. ri

    I think that is the father of Rumer Willis

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