1. DeucePickle

    I wonder how much denim is in that suitcase

  2. You ever notice you never see him and Rosie O’Donnell in the same photo?

  3. Basement Jack

    For the last time, I don’t steal other comedians’ jokes!

  4. Barnie Frank never changes.

  5. EricLr

    In all fairness, I would probably get a little pissed to if everywhere I went people screamed “You suck! Conan was better!” It’s got to be especially painful in bed when his own wife says it.

  6. Wow, once Roy got attacked by that tiger, Siegfried really let himself go!

  7. Bonky

    For Chaz Bono, the transformation is now complete.

  8. it had to be said

    Why is he flying somewhere? Does anyone outside of his studio want to see him?

  9. Contusion

    Jay’s been wearing that same fucking shirt for so long the buttons are starting to pop off.

  10. j/k

    I have 7,000 cars but I take a limo.

  11. They replaced Conan with this unfunny asshole? Just how much dirt does he have on the NBC higher ups?

  12. Johnny P!


  13. Cock Dr

    His wife needs to check her medicine cabinet. I think Jay has been messing around with her estrogen replacement hormones.

  14. cc

    Buttons are there for a reason, my friend.

  15. The Brown Streak

    “Off to the Magic Mike 2 rehearsals. You’re welcome, ladies!”

  16. Humpinfrog

    I thought Hoss Cartwright and denim died about the same time? Live and learn.

  17. Giorgio

    Huh? Yeah I know it’s Conan’s limo but I stole it from Letterman first!

  18. The Pope

    I thought Bea Arthur was dead?!

  19. “Mr. McGee! I told you not to make me angry!”

  20. Bionic_Crouton

    So, NBC finally decided to put him in a home.

  21. bigalkie

    The reason thatnSandra Bernhardt went gay! Thanks a lot Jay

  22. kimmykimkim

    Shut up and get in the car! Nobody cares!

  23. And be careful with my Lamborghini Miura! I only have two!

  24. King Diamond

    Picture him naked

  25. ri

    The fact that this unfunny asshat is popular is a strong argument for genocide.

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